About Augment

Augment is a leader in customer experience-driven artificial intelligence (AI). Augment’s human-in-the-loop AI uniquely empowers your employees to deliver a superior customer experience by surfacing the best information and answers across the enterprise in real time. Augmented agents deliver improved brand experience through messaging and live chat applications preferred by consumers, and then convert more of these interactions into customer delight and revenue. Augment AI powers Fortune 500 brands around the world.

Improve Customer Experience With the Human Touch

For a More Satisfying Brand Experience

Benefits to Brand

  • Better customer conversations
  • Cost savings through increased agent efficiencies
  • Convert more customer conversations into revenue
  • Ability to scale to meet peak period demands
  • Newest support team members perform at peak, almost immediately
  • Reduce brand representative turnover - work is more stimulating and enjoyable
  • Maximize performance through the new short message communications channel of choice

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