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What causes negative customer outcomes?

Our AI identified the issues that most frustrate customers.


and see if any of these may be impacting your CX.


Make work more productive and satisfying, improving employee retention.


Delight and retain customers with a more satisfying brand experience.


Drive new business opportunities, grow your market, and increase revenue.

More of the intelligence, less of the artificial

Rather than trying to replace your team with bots your customers love as much as IVR messaging, our AI solutions help your contact center get customers the right answers, more quickly, with the human touch. Learn more…

“Augment fits our need to boost the productivity of our agents while improving customer experience.”

Jamie Young
Senior Director of Customer Experience

Delight Customers

Armed with the best-suggested responses based on a specific customer situation, call center agents are able to engage in better conversations, address customer issues and, ultimately, convert more interactions into revenue.

Increase Productivity By 30%

Designed to enable your team to perform better, even during peak periods. Augment analyzes customer centric information at your organization to surface the best answers possible in real time.

Reveal New Growth Opportunities

Augment is able to proactively suggest relevant products to customers based on their past behavior and support interactions.

Ramp Up New Agents In Minutes, Not Months

Augment AI helps your newest support team members perform at peak, almost immediately. Meanwhile, existing agents enjoy their jobs more, increasing retention.

Made in Silicon Valley

Augment’s world class team of machine learning engineers are building cutting edge AI products. Join us.

Powering Leading Brands

Augment is powering some of the top global brands by enhancing their agent workforce with AI. Request a demo to find out more.

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