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Many people have concerns over the effects AI is going to have on humanity. With sensationalized headlines like AI IS HIGHLY LIKELY TO DESTROY HUMANS, ELON MUSK WARNS, it’s no wonder that AI has been viewed as something to be feared. But just as other forms of software have freed the human mind to explore more meaning, we believe AI will too. Augment is pioneering AI technology that liberates employees from their day-to-day tasks and empowers them with insights that allow them to deliver more value to customers. This is the power of AI when used to augment the human experience.

In the future world of AI, people will be freed up to focus on what matters most: their purpose. We believe that mankind’s purpose is the pursuit of virtue, and we value excellence in all aspects of life. If you are trying to reach your potential, and equally important you strive to help others in their pursuit, you will find a team that will be excited to propel you along your journey.

Our product embodies our values. By leveraging the latest deep learning technologies we are able to allow customers to get more satisfaction when talking with their favorite brands. Apply below to see what the future of AI and human interaction looks like.

Benefits & Culture

At Augment, we believe strongly in the relationship between humans and machines and their combined ability to do great things together. From the Terminator to Optimus Prime, we celebrate human-machine partnerships both real and imagined. We even have a robot wall of fame on our office wall.

Robots can run forever, but people need time to recharge, so Employee Wellness and Wellbeing is a top priority at Augment. Team members are provided a comprehensive health benefits package with medical, dental, and vision plans to meet their specific requirements. HSA savings options and a 401(k) program help employees plan for the future. And an unlimited vacation policy keeps everyone fresh. We also get together as a team for weekly lunches, as well as on the occasional evening for video game nights, movies, bowling, ping pong, or our favorite all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurant.


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